Consultancy on Business Establishment

Consultancy on Business Establishment

In the period when the country is intergrating, economic development is accelerated, many preferential policies for businesses are issued to stimulate businesses, at the same time, the need for business establishment also increased. To assist readers in the business establishment process, Dream Law LLC would like to send you the basic areas that need to be carefully considered and consulted when establishing a business through the article below.

In the field of business establishment consultation, we provide our customers with the following services:

  1. Consulting on choosing types for the establishment of a company;
  2. Consulting on business naming;
  3. Consulting to select and locate the head office in accordance with the law;
  4. Consult about charter capital or legal capital according to requirements from business lines;
  5. Counseling on capital contribution, executive participation of members, shareholders, founders of the company (in accordance with current law);
  6. Make a dossier including: Application, list of members / list of shareholders, charter …. at the request of the Department of Planning and Investment;
  7. Counseling, drafting the written agreement between members and shareholders when establishing the business;
  8. Consulting and implementing procedures to change the content of enterprise registration in the course of business operation;

Please contact hotline: 024 6653 9546 for specific consultancy about the above areas or to get further support in other legal matters.

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